Rosary Church School
Rosary Church School

A Place to Play, Learn, & Grow

Rosary Church School is an unaided Minority Christian School.Being a Catholic Institution, Rosary Church School caters not only to the intellectual and physical development of children but also to the formation of character by inculcating sound moral and spiritual values, so that they grow up as children of God and responsible citizens of our country,

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

  • "Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me".
    -Jesus Christ
  • "In free India the inequality between a hovel of the poor and a palace of the rich must cease to exist. -Mahatma Gandhi

A Great Place for Your Child to Grow At

Holistic development of young children in various areas such as cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and creative aspects to prepare them for future academic and personal success.

Rosary Church School
Rosary Church School

Dance & Music

Music and dance are important for kindergarten as they promote creativity, improve coordination and motor skills, and help develop social skills.

Rosary Church School
Rosary Church School

Art & Craft

Art and craft are important for kindergarten as they promote creativity, imagination and help develop fine motor skill.

Rosary Church School
Rosary Church School

Games & Sports

Playing games can help you learn important skills like taking turns, following rules, and working together as a team.

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Rosary Church School

Air Conditioned Classroom

Air-conditioned classrooms provide a comfortable learning environment for young learners, particularly during hot summer months.

Rosary Church School

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

A Kindergarten school that employs experienced and qualified teachers can provide young learners with the foundation they need to succeed in their future academic and personal pursuits.

Rosary Church School

Child-Centered Curriculum

A Kindergarten school that offers a child-centered curriculum can provide young learners with an environment that is focused on their individual needs, interests, and learning styles.

Rosary Church School

Play-Based Learning

A Kindergarten school that incorporates play-based learning can provide young learners with a fun and engaging way to learn, explore, and develop social skills.

Dear Parents/Guardians 

It is indeed my deepest pleasure and to be transported beyond all joys as we are blessed tobegin the new session 2023-2024 with zest and great avidity. I welcome all the parents andthe students to the new academic session at Rosary Church School and I hope that theRosarian light shines forever and ever and fulfils the motto of the school. The focal point andprimary objective our school is to produce ample opportunities and overabundant learningenvironment for all the students. It is the joint accountability of the school staff and parentsto assist the students become successful in their lives. 
We have always provided an atmosphere for multifaceted development where the abilities,skill and talent of each student can be identified, nurtured and encouraged so that they areable to soar greater height. 
We look forward to the wholehearted support from the parents. 

Rosary Church School
Rev. Fr. Savariraj
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Education is foundation of healthy and wealthy future 

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education”. -Martin Luther King, Jr. It gives me immense pleasure to pen this message after the hazardous period of Covid. It almost shook the roots of our education system. Education is the most indispensable means to bring change in every society. Therefor the focus of education should be to learn for life, not for marks, we often hear the teachers and parents sharing that some children do not show interest in studying. whereas many students are found wondering, why are they studying what they are studying and very few minds giving a thought to this why to learn something and how to learn it along with what should be the outcome of this learning. 
Education, in this present era is largely looked at as a means to get marks, grades or degrees and seldom as a process of learning for life or acquiring the aptitude for lifelong learning. Education is the only way to successful life. Education is the fundamental right of every child. Education helps people to access all of their other human rights. Education gives us chance to prepare for tomorrow and a way to deal with every situation. 
I firmly believe that for the holistic development of every child can reach its fullness only through education. With the aid of education one can undeniably go beyond the static horizons. Let education be the lighting lamp to eradicate the darkness of ignorance from this world. I am certain that our students of yesterday, today and tomorrow will carry forward the legacy of education to empower the world and make it a better place for everyone. 

Rosary Church School
Sr. Jyotsna Lakra
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The play school provides an informal, warm , natural , friendly and aesthetic ambience where children grow, learn , explore through fun filled activities.