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Rosary Church School, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Rosary Church School, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Rosary Church School, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Rosary Church School, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Welcome to Our School

Welcome to Rosary Church School

Rosary School, opened in 1958, is owned and managed by the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, a religious, charitable, educational and social organization (Society) registered under the Societies Registration Act. This Society undertakes programmes and projects and establishes Institutions for the development of the person and for the promotion of justice and equality. Since education of children and youth is crucial to integral development, the society establishes and administers Educational Institutions.

Rosary School is an unaided Minority Christian School.

Being a Catholic Institution, Rosary Sr. Sec. School caters not only to the intellectual and physical development of children but also to the formation of character by inculcating sound moral and spiritual values, so that they grow up as children of God and responsible citizens of our country.

The education of children is the joint responsibility of the School and Parents.

Education for Justice and Equality

Far too long has education been the privilege of a select few. The weaker sections of society are always at a disadvantage in securing quality education for their children. Equality of opportunity for the poor and the rich will, therefore, be an added dimension of education in this School. Rosary Church School will strive to provide equal opportunities to all, especially those in its neighborhood irrespective of caste or creed. Such a scheme of education would enable the socially minded to participate in the common endeavor to share responsibility in the formation of an egalitarian society which is the national objective as envisaged in the preamble of our Constitution.

"Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me". -Jesus Christ

"In free India the inequality between a hovel of the poor and a palace of the rich must cease to exist. -Mahatma Gandhi

"Education should be related to productivity, strengthen social and national integration, consolidate democracy as a way, of life and help to build character by cultivating social, moral and spiritual values." -The Indian Education Commission