Rules of Conduct

Rosary Church School
  • Every student must carry with him/her the school diary daily.
  • Students must come to school in neat and clean uniform only. This rule applies even when they come to school for any purpose other than attending classes even after school hours.
  • Itiscompulsory towear the school ID card to school every day.
  • Entry without ID card for students as well as parents will not be permitted.
  • lfthere is any infectious disease in their home/family, parents are expected to report the matter to the class teacher at once and not send their ward to school till the infection is controlled, else school authorities will take serious note of this and the student will be sent back home.
  • Sufficient care is taken for the security of the students, however, in case of natural, accidental mishap or third party negligence, the school shall not be held responsible.
  • During activities and outings the school takes all necessary care and precautions. In spite of this, if any accident or mishap occurs, the school will not be held responsible for the same.
  • Students and parents should not offer any presents or gifts to teachers except with the explicit permission of the Principal.
  • The progress card will be given only at a Parent Teacher Meeting. Absence in PTM (when compulsory) is discouraged.
  • Remarks, whenever given in the diary should be counter signed by the parents/guardians only.
  • During all the PTM' students should come with their parents and in complete school uniform. 21 EE Ct Rosary Church School 12. No parent is allowed to meet any teacher during school hours unless they are called by teachers. The parents can send their request through school diary.

Mishaps : Though sufficient care is taken for the security & safety of the children, however in case of natural, accidental mishap or third party negligence, school shall not be responsible.

Transport : school had no transport facility for Nursery and K.G. classes. Also school is not responsible for the private vans.